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LED Strip 220V vs 12V, The Differences Between The Two

Time:2019-11-03| Author:admin

There are a variety of LED strip lights in today's market. If classified according to the input voltage, we can divide them into high voltage LED strips (110V/220V AC) and low voltage LED strips (5V/ 12V/ 24V). So what is the difference between them?220V RGB LED rope light

The 220V high-voltage LED strip, also known as the LED rope light, is a bendable light fixture that can be directly driven without a power transformer. The light source is flexible LED strips that protected by transparent or milky white insulating tube. Since no power driver is required and easy to install, the driverless LED rope light can save a lot of costs in power supplies and installation. At the same time, due to their relatively small working current, the longest series length can be 50 to 100 meters. Thanks to their external protection, LED rope lights' IP rating can generally reach IP65 or above, so they are mostly used as outdoor decorative lighting in buildings, parks, bridges, etc.

12V LED strips are the most common low-voltage strips on the market. They are generally classified into LED hard strips and LED flexible strips (also known as LED tape lights and LED ribbon lights) depending on their PCB material. Because low voltages are safer, low-voltage lights are regularly not sealed with insulating materials, thereby they have relatively small sizes and can be mounted in narrow areas. The SMD LEDs' power of low-voltage lights is commonly higher than that of high voltage lights so that the 12V DC LED strip lights have higher brightness and can be used as the main lighting. Due to the high safety and stability, low voltage strip lights can be used in almost all indoor locations. At the same time, after waterproof treatment, they can reach IP65, IP67, IP68 dustproof and waterproof grade, and can be used outdoors or even underwater.

12V LED strip light

The above is the main difference between the LED strips of 220V AC and 12V DC. Both have their own advantages, we should choose the right products according to the local markets and the projects.

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