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LED Strips AC 110V / 220V vs DC 12V / 24V

Time:2018-10-29| Author:admin

LED light strips can be used for building lighting, decorative lighting, home lighting, advertising lighting and so on. Based on the input voltage, the LED strip lighting can be divided into the high-voltage and the low-voltage. The most common input voltages of the low-voltage light bar on the market are DC 12V and DC 24V, and that of the high-voltage are AC 110V and AC 220V. So what are the differences between the two? What are the advantages and disadvantages of them? This article will give you the answer.

1. Safety performance: As everyone knows, the AC high voltage is dangerous, thus the high voltage LED tapes should be installed as far as possible in human can’t touch. The input voltage of low-voltage LED light bar is DC 12V or 24V that is no harm to humans. To reduce the risk of electric shock, LED strip lights manufacturer will set the SMD rigid LED strip inside the plastic profile and encapsulate the flexible LED tape with the insulating tube. These insulants can improve safety performance, but meanwhile, the cost of production has also increased.

2. Installation: In general, the installation of high-voltage LED tapes is relatively simple, for it can be driven directly by municipal electricity. It's not that sample for the 12V and 24V LED strips, because the low-voltage LED lights are require matching adaptor to transfer the AC high-voltage electricity to corresponding DC low voltage, which adds complexity to the installation.

3. The cost: There is no much difference in price between the two types, for their materials almost same. However, as above said, the low voltage LED light strip require an additional cost of LED adaptor. Due to the price of power supply is relatively expensive, the overall cost of low-voltage LED strips will be higher.

4. Lifespan: Most DC12V and DC24V SMD LED lights have lifespan of 50,000 hours. In the case of same raw materials, the encapsulated high-voltage LED lights are hard to release heat, which brings about excess temperature and droop speed up, eventually leads to reduced working lifetime.

In conclusion, we should select the LED light strips according to different installation environments and specific requirements to get the best solution.

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