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New LED plant light that can be installed between crops

Time:2019-03-06| Author:admin

Plessey has introduced a new LED grow light strip. This LED strip can be installed between crops and is suitable for use in greenhouses with top light. This plant lamp is installed between the crops and complements the overhead sunlight or hanging LED grow lights. Moreover, Inter Light is suitable for use in a hybrid lighting system for high-pressure sodium lamps and LED lamps to promote crop growth and accelerate fruit ripening.


In addition, the light output and efficacy of the new light can meet the needs of different growing environments. At the same time, it also provides a wide beam angle for optimal light penetration.

Installing luminaires between greenhouse crops can help growers achieve maximum value and get a return on production and energy costs. This light bar provides enhanced light in the best spectral range and is equivalent to an additional heating channel that helps growers achieve high yields with less energy.

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