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Selecting LED light strips for the light boxes

Time:2018-11-12| Author:admin

As one of the most popular backlights of advertising lighting, LED strip lights are widely used in light boxes. Different LED light strips suit to different light boxes. In order to have a better lighting effect, selecting LED light strips according to the specific requirements of light boxes is necessary.IP65 waterproof SMD3030 waterproof LED curtain strip lights

For the outdoor advertising light boxes, it is better to use the waterproof LED strips. Because of the waterproof protective layer can withstand the rainwater to protect the LEDs and circuit. Different waterproof materials and processes result in different IP rating such as IP65 glue waterproof, IP67 tube waterproof, and IP68 glue & tube waterproof.

On the contrary, indoor light boxes are commonly use the non-waterproof LED strip backlight. In the indoor environment, there will not be affected by external weather, so that the non-waterproof LED strip is preferred for its advantages of lower cost and better heat dissipation.

In recent years, with the ultra-thin light boxes with a thickness of 3 to 10 cm are appeared, LED curtain strip lights in the advertising backlighting market share are growing. Compare with traditional LED strips with a beam angle of 120 degrees, LED curtain strip lights with an emitted angle of more than 170 degrees are able to achieve a better display effect with less quantity.

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