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LED light strips' layout in the light boxes

Time:2019-02-26| Author:admin

As a light source, the arrangement of the LED strips has a significant impact on the overall visual effect of light boxes. If the layout is not appropriate, the light boxes will have problems such as uneven lighting. The arrangement should be determined according to various factors such as different application places, different brightness requirements, and size.

For the light boxes with relatively small sizes and a relatively low brightness requirement, it is only necessary to install LED light bars of corresponding sizes on the side of the light boxes to obtain a good light effect. This is the most recommended method for small light boxes because it is simple to install and low in cost.

Large light boxes are mainly used in public places such as streets, large shopping malls, cinemas, exhibitions, stations, airports, parks, etc. Due to the sizes are various, the low voltage LED backlight strips are most suitable. The higher the brightness requirements of the lightbox, the more closely the strips need to be arranged, and the more the LED lights are used. Similarly, the smaller the thickness of the lightbox, the more the number of light bars needs to be increased. For light boxes less than 10 cm thick, we recommend the use of LED curtain lattice light strips. This kind of LED light is not inferior to the brightness of ordinary LED strips and its beam angle more than 170 degrees, which can reduce the number of LED bars used and reduce the cost while ensuring good lighting effects.

LED curtain strip lights in advertising lightbox

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