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LED Light Strips' Status and Development - Competition

Time:2019-01-14| Author:admin

In the past few years, due to the entry of new enterprises and the slow growth of demand, the competition in the LED strip market has become more and more fierce. In order to attract customers with low prices, some suppliers cut costs by using cheap components and materials. These LED lights may have quality and safety problems and will reduce customers' trust in products and market.

At present, according to the quality, LED strip light can be roughly divided into three levels: high, medium and low. High-end products generally including high-end customized LED strips and high-quality LED strips, which are expensive and of good quality. Most of the regular LED tape lights are mid-end products, having reliable quality and competitive prices. The market for low-end products is dog-eat-dog in the industry. Most of the factories are only pursue low costs. These inferior products not only make customers suffer losses, but also have a negative influence on the market and the industry.

Nowadays, more and more people in the industry call for no vicious competition, and the competition should be transferred from price to quality, innovation, service, etc. As one of the LED lights manufacturers in China, MLDR CO., LTD. has always committed to work with all our peers and customers to maintain healthy competition and stable development of the market.

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