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How to solve the LED strip voltage drop

Time:2019-03-25| Author:admin

1. What is the voltage drop and how does it affect LED strip

Voltage drop is a decrease in potential along the path of current flow in a circuit. For the direct-current (DC) LED strip light, its LEDs, resistors, wire, and PCB all have resistance, which to some extent consume the electric power supplied by the power supply. As a result, the voltage of the far side of the light strip is lower than that of the near side, resulting in a different brightness at both ends of the LED strips.voltage drop of LED strip light

2. What are the factors that affect the voltage drop of the LED light strip

For users, the main factor affecting the voltage drop is the connection length of the LED strip lights in series. Regularly, the recommended series length of 12V DC flexible LED tape light is 5 meters, and that of the rigid LED strip light is 2 meters. In this range, the brightness of two ends won't have an appreciable difference. In production, the most effective method to reduce the voltage drop is using the better and thicker copper foil inside the PCB. But on the other hand, the adoption of the better PCB will increase the production cost of LED strip light manufacturers, which will eventually be reflected in the price of products.

3. How to solve the voltage drop

Parallel connection installation is the best way to solve the voltage drop problem. Connect the lighting strips to the parallel circuit at a shorter length to avoid the problem of brightness inconsistency caused by the too long series length. The second method is to use higher voltage LED lights. Take low voltage LED tape lights as an example, under the premise of no obvious effect of voltage drop, the 12V DC LED tapes can be connected in series for 5 meters, while the 24V DC tape lights can be connected in series for 10 meters. Using better strip lights with thicker copper foil is also a solution, which, however, will increase the project cost.

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