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Factors affecting the lifespan of LED light strips

Time:2019-01-02| Author:admin

LED light strips are widely used in various lighting fields because of their long life, easy installation, environmentally friendly. The lifespan of the LEDs is one of the most important parameters. Therefore, how to increase the service life of LED strips has become one of the most concerned issues for LED strip manufacturers. There are several major factors that affect the lifespan.

1. The quality of the light source

SMD LEDs are the main light source of LED strips, which are mainly composed of brackets, chips, wires, etc. (refer to The structure of SMD LEDs for details). Common brackets are copper brackets, iron brackets, and aluminum brackets, of which the copper brackets have better heat dissipation than others. Similarly, the wires are also divided into gold wires and alloy wires, and the quality is also different. Any problem with one component will affect the life of the entire LED.

2. PCB's heat dissipation performance

In general, the heat dissipation performance of the rigid LED hard strip lights is better than that of the flexible LED tape lights because of the aluminum substrate. The poor heat dissipation can cause a series of problems such as excessive temperature and increased light decay. Especially for high-brightness LED strips, if the heat dissipation cannot meet the requirements, the service life will be shortened.

3. Working current is too large

We all know that the higher the brightness of the LEDs, the higher the cost. However, in order to reduce costs, some suppliers will increase the drive current excessively to achieve higher brightness, which will cause the LED to work at an overload, resulting in a significant reduction in lifespan.

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