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Lighting affects people's work efficiency

Time:2019-01-30| Author:admin

According to a survey report on lighting, 77% of the 1,000 adult respondents believe that the lighting conditions in the workplace have an impact on their work efficiency. Furthermore, nearly 35% respondents said that natural light is important, and more than third respondents said they are happy to work in a suitable artificial lighting environment. Although this survey does not prove that the lighting environment has a direct physiological impact on humans, it proves that lighting has a certain impact on human psychology.

At present, it has not been completely verified that lighting conditions are directly related to work efficiency, but relevant surveys and daily life experience prove that people's attention and concentration in a suitable lighting environment will be significantly improved. The results of these surveys play a key role in the development of humanized lighting. Humanized lighting is more widely used in intelligent lighting systems. It can change the brightness and CCT of the light in a day according to different scenes and time to conform to the human 24-hour circadian rhythm. Some intelligent LED lighting solutions have been launched in the market for homes and workplaces.

The survey also showed that 31% of respondents believe that the relaxed and comfortable lighting atmosphere before going to bed at night helps sleep, and 38% think that the morning bedroom lighting can help them to be full of energy.

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