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Lumileds launch the new SMD 2835 LED with up to 200 lm/W

Time:2019-03-13| Author:admin

SMD 2835 LED is one of the most commonly used light sources for LED strip lights. Recently, Lumileds announced the launch of the new LUXEON 2835 HE LED, which has an efficiency of up to 200 lm/W and provides a new definition of color consistency for LEDs on the market. These new LEDs are optimized for outstanding efficiency and second-order MacAdam elliptical color consistency in applications such as troffers and high-bay/low-bay luminaires.SMD 2835 LED white light

Sam Wu, Lumileds' mid-power product line product manager, said, "These LEDs have tight color points that are not found in other mid-power devices in their class. The second-order MacAdam elliptical design kit delivers optimal color consistency for demanding lighting applications." At 65 mA drive current, these LEDs achieve a luminous flux of 36 lm and an efficiency of 202 lm/W. And the luminous flux can be raised to 220 lm when the current is increased to 480 mA.

The SMD2835 LED is very suitable for the LED bulbs, LED light strips, LED spotlights, and other LED products, which request the lighting efficiency up to 150 lm/W and less LED quantity.” Sam Wu explains. Lumileds' high-reliability design makes LUXEON 2835 HE provides more light for smaller general lighting products.

The LUXEON 2835 HE LEDs have a wide CCT optional range and a CRI optional range from Ra70 to Ra90 to adapt to different product requirements. This new LED can be used to partly replace 2835, 5630, and 3030 medium power SMD LED in the current market.

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