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OSRAM launched the new LED plant lighting system

Time:2019-03-15| Author:admin

OSRAM launched the latest LED plant lighting system Phytofy RL, which is specially developed to meet the growing needs of researchers in universities, private institutions, greenhouses, and vertical farms. The researchers and workers can use Phytofy RL system to develop new lighting scheme in the laboratory to achieve the desired result.

Osram LED grow lighting system

The different combinations of wavelengths and intensity can selectively intervene in the metabolic processes of agricultural and ornamental crops. Using Phytofy RL system, researchers can separately process six spectral channels from far-red to ultraviolet light and accurately plan and control photosynthetically active photon quantum density in real time.

The software built into the system can automatically calculate the light distribution chart, which helps researchers save a lot of time in date measurement. According to plants' different species and growth stages, users can arrange different LED lighting combinations in a photoperiod.

Measuring 667 x 299 x 44 mm and weighing less than 9 kg, the Phytofy RL LED grow lighting system is optimized for vertical farms, plant factories, and growth chambers. It's reported that the system is currently used by the NASA and Michigan State University.

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