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LED lighting plant factory, a model for future agriculture

Time:2019-03-01| Author:admin

With the rapid advancement of LED plant light technology and agricultural cultivation technology and the support of relevant national policies, the plant factory's equipment cost and operating cost are gradually decreasing, which has prompted the industry to develop very rapidly in recent years.

The plant factory is a closed plant cultivation system whose internal environment is almost unaffected by the outside world. Since space is closed, the carbon dioxide content, temperature, and composition of the culture solution inside the system can be precisely controlled by the system, and the lighting required for plant growth is generally provided by LED grow lights. In extreme environments, plant factories have the advantage that traditional farms cannot. In 2016, China Space Agency brought a miniature plant factory equipped with LED plant lights into space to study space planting technology.

The vegetables illuminated by red & blue LED grow lights

Established and operated by Shenzhen Huaxing Global Agriculture Co., Ltd., Xicui Plant Factory is one of the earliest large commercial plant factories in China. The company uses 12-story vertical cultivation racks for planting, which greatly improves land utilization. Plant illumination is provided entirely by LED plant growth lights, which allow flexible control of crop maturity based on market conditions. The water supply is controlled by the system science, and the annual water consumption of plant growth is only one-tenth of that of traditional outdoor farming. Moreover, the factory can supply vegetables to the market stable throughout the year, and the production cycle is shorter.

According to public data, the 3,000-square-meter Xicui plant factory in Dapeng New District can supply 10,000 vegetables a day. This industrial, innovative, and intelligent plant factory is a model for future agricultural development.

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