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What determine the quality of LED curtain strip lights

Time:2018-11-21| Author:admin

LED curtain lattice strip lights have become the most popular backlighting in ultra-thin light boxes industry. The light sources and lenses are the most important components of the lights. Today, let's take a brief look at LED light sources and optical lenses.

LED light sources i.e. SMD LEDs directly determines the brightness and lifespan of lights. In order to assemble with the lenses, SMD2835 and SMD3030 LEDs are the most commonly used light sources for LED curtain strips. Therefore, the specifications of light sources are needed to notice so that the lights are able to provide enough illuminance for the light boxes.Cool white 10000K LED curtain strip lights

In order to increase the beam angle, optical lenses are directly mounted on the LED light strips to reflect the light that emitted by the LEDs. Because of all the light are reflected by the lenses, which requested the high transparency of lenses to ensure the quality of light. Another one is the optical lenses that make the beam angle of the LED strips increased to more than 170 degrees from 120 degrees. Due to the lenses will directly affect the light quality, all of our LED curtain strip lights are used the PMMA lenses, which not only have high transparency but also have better heat resistance.

LED light sources and optical lenses together determine the light quality of LED strip lights. As a China LED strip supplier, we are committed to manufacturing high quality LED lighting. Our LED curtain strip lights are made of high-quality materials. The superior SMD 3030 LEDs provide the stable light effect, the high transparency PMMA lenses increase the beam angle of 175 degrees from 120 degrees, and other excellent materials ensure the lights working stably. The LED curtain strip lights have excellent heat dissipation effect and lighting performance in the light boxes with the thickness of 3 to 10cm.

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