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Control system, another revolution in the LED lighting industry

Time:2019-02-22| Author:admin

Since the Ministry of Science and Technology led the establishment of the National Semiconductor Lighting Leading Group in 2013, China's LED lighting industry has entered a period of rapid development. After more than a decade of development, semiconductor lighting has replaced traditional lighting sources in almost every application.

Today, LED lighting has become highly popular, and we must consider what direction we should develop after the overall popularization of LED lamps. Many LED lighting manufacturers at home and abroad have actively responded, one of the most popular directions is the lighting control system. From satisfying the most basic lighting needs to pursuing comfort, to humanization and intelligence, it is believed that the intelligent lighting brought by LED lighting control system will be another revolution in the lighting industry.

Smart home LED lighitng

According to statistics, replacing incandescent lamps with LED lamps can save 60% of energy, but can we save energy on the basis of LED lighting? The answer is yes, it is speculated that the smart lighting control system can save more than 60% of electric energy. By report, China has issued relevant lighting system standards last year. For the LED lighting industry, energy saving, comfort, and intelligence will be the trend.

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