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What is RGB LED strip

Time:2019-03-20| Author:admin

To understand RGB LED light strips, we need to know what RGB LEDs mean. The RGB LED contains three chips in red, green and blue colors, which can be combined into different colors. Compared to white LEDs, RGB LEDs are used in a wider range of applications, such as traffic lights, display screens, decorative lighting, and so on. In the LED light strip industry, the SMD 5050 RGB LED is the most common RGB light source because of its relatively large size and good heat dissipation performance.

RGB multicolor LED strip lights

RGB multicolor LED strip lights are highly popular in decorative lighting because of the color-changeability and various light effects. Except for the primary colors, all other colors are a combination of two or more colors. Therefore, the brightness is highest when three chips are simultaneously lit to form white light.

In order to achieve color changing effects, each chip in the SMD LED needs a separate circuit, which increases the production difficulty and cost. As a result, the price of the multicolor LED strip is higher than the white light LED strip if the quality is the same. With the multicolor lighting effect, RGB LED strip lights are irreplaceable in the decorative lighting market. But if you only want to achieve a white light effect, white light LED strip lights are still a better and more economical choice for the perfect white light performance and higher brightness.

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