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LED light strips in showcase - comercial lighting

Time:2018-11-23| Author:admin

Nowadays, various LED light strips are widely used in showcases to stand out the products and create a proper light environment, which draw more attention from customers and increase the desire to buy. With many year's development and popularize, LED strip lights have applied in almost every showcases, replacing the traditional lighting.

Different LED lights have different lighting features, and different combine of these features will create a total different lighting atmosphere. Therefore, we must think about the brightness, colors, illuminating angle, and so on, when designing the lighting system for showcases. Take crystal showcases as an example, the high-brightness and white-light LED strip lights will make the jewel shine and more attractive. Moreover, LED flexible strips (LED tape lights) are able to used to decoration, adding the layout of showcases.

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Jewel showcase with LED strip lighting

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