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What causes light decay of LED lights?

Time:2019-07-16| Author:admin

LED light decay means that after a period of illumination, the light intensity of LED will be lower than it's original light intensity, and the low part in a certain period is the degree of the LED decay.

At the present stage, the LED lights produced by different manufacturers have different periods of light decay, which has a direct relationship with the materials, processes, and the temperature in use. The LED decay is one of the top issues for the LED lighting market. There are two main factors for the LED decay:

First, the quality of LED products themselves:

1. Some low-end and dirt cheap products are made of the low-cost materials, which can't guarantee the stability and will case more serious light decay.

2. The defective design and process will affect the usability, performance, heat dissipation, and lifespan. The LED decay is related to all of these.

Secondly, the use of conditions:

1. The working current, input voltage, and power of the products are rated. For example, excessive input voltage will cause the increase of temperature and decay.

2. In fact, the overheating is the root cause of the boosting of the light decay. The working environment temperature and heat dissipation condition are the keys. Of cause, if the materials of the LED itself are superior and heat-resisting, the situation will be greatly improved.

Today’s lighting market is paying more and more attention to the quality of LED lights. As the LED strip lights and LED grow lights supplier in China, we can produce and supply high-quality LED lighting products with low light decay and long lifespan.

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