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Why are LED Grow Lights Work for Growing Plants?

Time:2019-11-24| Author:admin

As we all know, light has effects on plant growth including but not limited seed germination, stem elongation, leaf and root development, phototropism, chlorophyll synthesis and decomposition, and flower induction. And the LED grow light, aka LED plant light, is a kind of artificial light source providing light for plants to grow.

How does light participate in plant photosynthesis - Wikipedia

How does LED grow lights work?

Plants selective absorption of light, and perceived light signals by different photoreceptors. LED grow lights can be used to supplement the specific light spectrum that can give the crops a signal to increase the photosynthesis efficiency and accelerate the formation of the light form, thereby promoting the growth and development of the plant.

Why is LED grow lights purple?

Plant photosynthesis mainly uses red-orange light (610-720nm) and blue-violet light (400-510nm), among which the red (660nm) and blue (450nm) are the strongest absorption wavelengths of chlorophyll. For most plants, red-orange light can promote their development, accumulation of dry matter, the formation of organs, and causing early flowering and fruiting. Blue-violet light can control the phototropism of leaf, promote stomatal opening and chloroplast movement, inhibit stem elongation, prevent plant excessive growth, and promote vegetative organ growth. At present, a majority of LED plant lights use this scheme of combining red and blue light. That's why LED grow lights are purple (red light and blue light form purple light).

why are led grow lights work for growing plants

To sum up, LED grow lights can provide a specific light spectrum to control the growth rate and cycle of plants. With the development of vertical farming and indoor planting, LED grow lights will play a more and more important rope in agriculture.

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