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Are LED Lights Harmful to Eyes?

Time:2019-11-08| Author:admin

Now, the LED has replaced the traditional light source to become the dominated light source in most application fields such as residential lighting, commercial lighting, decorative lighting, automotive lighting, and so on. We are exposed to this artificial light all the time. Do LED lights bad for our eyes?

What's the bad of LED lights?

The main hazard to the eye is the strobe, the phenomenon of light changing rapidly and periodically over time. The strobe can be divided into visible (less than 80Hz) and invisible (more than 80Hz). Therefore, our eyes can't see the flicker doesn't mean the LED light isn't stroboscopic. For instance, a strobe range of 100 to 150 Hz that the eyes can't catch is still may have a potentially negative influence. Being lived in these flicking lights for a long time will have bad effects on our health such as visual impairment, mental stress, headaches, etc. But don't worry too much. Most of the countries and regions have strict standards for controlling the strobe flash of lighting products. These issues are mainly from some unqualified products.

are led lights harmful to eyes

What causes strobe?

The reason for the strobe is that the LED lamps are powered by alternating current, and their brightness varies with the periodic change of alternating current. Almost all the lights have a stroboscopic effect, but they are different. For the conventional incandescent and halogen lamps, the flicking is hard to be recognized, because their filament temperature doesn't respond quickly to changes in current. However, the response of the LED to changes in current is instantaneous. If the current output from LED driver power is not stable enough, the stroboscopic effect will be very obvious.

How to identify the LED lights have a harmful strobe?

Here's a simple way to determine whether an LED light may have a harmful strobe for eyes. Turn on your phone camera and shot the LED light. If there are flicking streaks on your screen, the LED light may have a harmful strobe. However, this method can't be used to judge a light source is qualified or not. Because of the rolling shutter effect, different cameras may have different results, the phone camera is can only be the initial reference.

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