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How to choose the CCT of LED curtain strip lights

Time:2018-11-02| Author:admin

As one of the best-selling LED backlighting, LED curtain light strips have been widely used in supermarkets, subway stations, halles and other public places. With its high-quality light and wide beam angle, LED curtain lactice strip makes ultra-thin light boxes a reality and greatly improves the visual effect of advertising light boxes and stretch ceiling.

The CCT (correlated color temperature) of the LED side-irradiated light bar is determined by the light source. In today's market, the light source used in the diffuse reflection light bar are generally SMD 3030 and SMD 2835 LEDs. The common CCT are 3000K, 4000K, 6500K and 10000K. Different advertising designs are suitable for using LED light strips with different color temperature. After a comprehensive analysis of the illumination effects of the light bars of different color temperatures, we conclude that the light boxes with the light-color pattern are suitable for the high CCT light strips, such as the MFS3030A-1. If the integral color of the pattern is dark, the white light strips will be a better choice. Selecting the product according to this method can make the pattern of the light boxes and the stretch ceilings more natural and clear. Of course, the actual situation is still based on the application places and the overall color. For example, if the main color of the pattern is white, it is recommended to use the 6500K light.

The above is the method of selecting the color temperature of the LED strips according to the patterns. If you have any questions and requirements, please feel free to contact us. As the professional LED curtain light strips manufacturer in China, we take delight to discuss and solve related problems with you.

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