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3 Components Determine the Quality of LED Strip Lights

Time:2019-11-06| Author:admin

LED strip lights have replaced traditional lamps as the main light source of residential lighting, decorative lighting, advertising light-boxes, commercial lighting, and so on. The quality of the LED strips is one of the most important metrics. In this article, let's take the MFS3030A LED STRIP LIGHT as an example to introduce 3 components that determine the quality of LED strip lights.

1. Light source

MFS3030A is an LED light strip designed for lightbox display and stretch ceiling. Generally, the light source of the LED strip is the SMD LEDs, which directly determines the brightness, light color, power, lifespan, and most of the performances of the finished product. In order to meet the specific requirement of light intensity of advertising displaying and commercial lighting, the SMD 3030 LEDs, a high-power LED light source built-in 3 diodes, is adopted. And the excellent light source is the key to high durability and long life.

Cool white 10000K LED curtain strip lights

2. PCB

PCB is one of the main components of LED strips. As we all know, high power light source also brings more heat. Therefore, we have to take the heat sink capacity into consideration when designing the PCB. The aluminum-substrate PCB became the perfect partner for the high-power SMD LEDs, its excellent heat conductivity can effectively improve the overheating and reduce the light decay of the light source. So we could say that the PCB's quality is directly related to the quality of LED strips.

3. Lens/ difusser

To acheive specific lighting performance or adjusting the beam angle, diffuser covers and optical lenses are mounted on the LED light strips. These components directly cover the LEDs and will effect their orignial lighting quality. In consequence, the quality of the lenses and diffusers, such as transparency, shape, and uniformity, has a big impact on the performance of LED strips.

As a China LED strip supplier, Shenzhen Mailederun Technology Co., Ltd. (MLDR®) is committed to manufacturing high quality LED lighting. The MFS3030A backlit LED strip is made of high-quality SMD 3030 LEDs, rigid aluminum PCB, high-transparency 175° PMMA lenses, and other excellent materials, ensuring the excellent light performance and durability. It's suitable for the lightbox display and stretch celing.

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