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Restaurant LED lights selection principle

Time:2019-01-02| Author:admin

First of all, the main lighting of the restaurant should use LED lights with the lower CCT, because the light color is more natural and soft. Under the illumination of high CCT light, the color of human skin and the food will become unnatural. Moreover, low CCT LED lights have higher CRI, which make the color of the food look more vivid.LED lighting of restaurant

Secondly, auxiliary lighting for decorating and creating the atmosphere in the restaurant is also necessary. For example, installing spotlights on walls and installing LED light strips on ceilings and cabinets, etc. However, it should be noted that the brightness of the auxiliary lighting fixtures should not be higher than that of the main lighting fixtures.

Finally, the lighting environment should be corresponding to the theme of the restaurant. In addition to the auxiliary luminaires used for partial decoration, the color temperature of the main LED lights of the restaurant should be as consistent as possible.

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