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Annual summary of LED grow lights’ market in 2018

Time:2019-01-07| Author:admin

With the development of agricultural lighting technology and the increase of modern agricultural facilities, the demand for LED grow lights continues to rise. Compared with traditional fluorescent lamps and HPS lamps, LED plant lights are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and can be customized with special light spectrum.

Due to the low power consumption of LED lights, growers can save a lot of electricity costs each year. Moreover, the LED grow lights with special spectrum can not only increase the yield and shorten the growth cycle, but also improve the nutrients contained in the crop and improve its appearance and taste.

LED strip grow lights in vertical farm

The emergence of new vertical farms and the advancement of soilless cultivation techniques have made urban agriculture a great development in recent years. Industry reports show that the global LED plant grow lights market in 2018 is 190 million USD, an increase of 26.7%.

In the next five years, China's agricultural LED lighting market demand will reach billions of RMB, of which new greenhouses and vertical farms will be the fastest growing industries. At the same time, with the increasing popularity of global agricultural lighting, the LED grow lights market will continue to grow in the future.

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