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LED Light Strips' Status and Development – Applications

Time:2019-01-09| Author:admin

With so many years improvement of LED technology, the production arts and the related market have stabilized. In addition, more and more companies have entered the market of LED strip lights in recent years, resulting in market competition become increasingly fierce.

Normally, the LED strip lights are divided into LED rigid strip lights and LED flexible strip lights (LED tape lights). Presently, LED strips are used in building lighting, decorative lighting, advertising lighting, etc. LED hard light strips have better heat dissipation and longer lifespan, widely using in engineering projects. Due to the flexibility and convenience, LED tape lights have been well received by the average consumer.

According to the input voltage, LED strip lights can be classified into low-voltage LED strips and high-voltage LED strips. It is common that the low-voltage LED lights are used in places with high safety requirements, such as public places. On the contrary, high-voltage LED strip lights mostly are applied as the decorative lighting for external wall, roof, etc.

The truth is that there is no such difference for the applications of most regular LED strips. In an effort to seek innovation breakthroughs in today's intensely competitive market, LED strip manufacturers have been researching and manufacturing new-type LED light strips.

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