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What is advertising LED backlight strip?

Time:2019-05-19| Author:admin

LED strip backlight for advertising light-boxesThe LED backlight strip is a type of backlit light source made by MLDR® on the basis of conventional LED strip light, which has high brightness and wide beam-angle. MLDR®'s LED backlight strip is generally made of high thermal conductivity aluminum PCB, high-power SMD 3030 LEDs, and high-transparency PMMA optical lenses. Its main advantage is that its beam-angle can reach 170 to 175 degrees so that the best lighting effect can be obtained with lower costs.

Some people may ask what is the difference between this type of LED strip backlight and traditional LED strip lights. In fact, the biggest difference between them is the Angle of illumination. Regular LED strips have a beam angle of 120 degrees, and that of the LED backlight strip can be near to 180 degrees, which allows it to evenly illuminate a larger area within a distance of 3 to 15 cm. Therefore, it's more and more widely used in ultra-thin light boxes, fabric ceilings, backlight signboards, etc.

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