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Introduction of Waterproof LED Light Strips

Time:2018-10-31| Author:admin

As a result of the need for outdoor light box lighting, waterproof LED light strips came into being. Then, as its application and demand are constantly increasing, more and more LED strip lights factories have joined in, and a variety of waterproof lamp strips have appeared. At present, the waterproof technology of waterproof LED bar lights on the market can be mainly divided into two types: glue waterproof and sleeving/casing waterproof. The following is a brief introduction to the features of the two waterproofing processes.

1. Glue waterproof

The glue filled waterproofing process is a method that filling and covering the strips with silicon glue to achieve the final waterproof effect. The process of filling glue is relatively complicated compared with casing waterproofing. Take the productive process of MFS3030WP LED curtain strip lights as an example, it should be noted that the silicon cannot be poured onto the surface of the SMD LEDs. Otherwise, the color temperature (CCT) of the light bar will be inconsistent. Moreover, if the glue flows through the gap to the bottom of the circuit board. Once this happens, the glue is needed to be re-filled, which greatly affects the efficiency of the production.

2. the sleeving waterproof

The casing waterproofing process uses the tube to achieve the waterproof effect of the light tape. The sleeving waterproofing only needs to be sealed at the plugs at both ends of the LED tape light. The casing waterproof is completely enclosed waterproof, which is more comprehensive than the glue waterproofing. Moreover, the heat dissipation space is larger, and since the LED is completely protected by the silicon tube, there is no possibility that the chip suddenly dies due to water. R2835TG IP67 waterproof LED tape light is a typical example.

The above is the introduction of waterproof LED strips, if you need more detailed LED strip information or any have other questions, please contact Shenzhen MLDR Tech. Co., Ltd., a LED strip lights manufacturer in China.

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