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LED strip lights' waterproof materials

Time:2019-01-16| Author:admin

Waterproof LED strip lights are made of normal non-waterproof LED strips and water-resistant materials, commonly using in outdoor lighting. This article briefly introduces several common waterproof materials, including epoxy resin, polyurethane, and silicone.

1. Epoxy resin

This type of material has good light transmittance from 85% to 92%, and can be used at -5 ° C to 55 ° C. Once the environment temperature exceeds the range, the epoxy resin colloid will become unstable and easily damaged. Due to the instability, epoxy resin is easy to be oxidized, and then turn yellow, affecting the color of the light.IP65 waterproof 5050 LED light strip cool white

2. Polyurethane (PU)

PU has the same transmittance as epoxy resin and better flexibility, its working temperature is -25 ° C to 95 ° C. But this material is demanding for the humidity of production environment, the high humidity will reduce the adhesion between the PU colloid and the light strip.

3. Silicone

The transmittance of silicone waterproof colloid is 84% to 92%. The greatest advance of silicone is that the temperature change has little effect on physical and optical performance at -45 ° C to 200 ° C, so that the silicon waterproof LED strips are widely used in Northern Europe, North America, etc. Besides, silicone has good stability that ensures its products will not be oxidized in the external environment for a long time. Since the high cost, silicone is mostly used to the high-end products at present.

PU waterproof LED strips are still an economical choice for most consumers. With the increasing demand for high-end products, the market share of silicone waterproof LED lights gradually rises in recent years. Shenzhen Mai Le De Run Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and experienced supplier in China, manufacturing reliable LED lights for our customers.

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