MLDR® is a LED lights manufacturer in China, supplying rigid LED strip lights,

flexible LED strip lights, LED rope lights, LED grow lights, and other LED lamps

and accessories. Product customization (OEM/ ODM) is availalbe.

  AP147FK   AP147FK


Flat LED channel including aluminum profile, flat cover and end cap. LED profile housing apply to rigid LED strip lights

Product introduction:
  • The flat LED channel kit including LED aluminum profile, flat cover and 2 end caps.

  • Aluminum profile dimension: 14mm*7mm.

  • Lightweight LED channels.

  • Suitable for all 12mm wide LED light strips.

  • Transparent kits have higher transmittance and higher brightness.

  • Milk white kits reflect the light diffusely, making the light more even and not dazzling.

  • The length can be customized.

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  • 1533113308617678.png

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