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LED rigid strips, LED flexible strips, LED grow lights and other related products.

We can also produce according to clients' requirements.

  AP1810AK   AP1810AK


AP1810AK Arched LED channel including aluminum profile, arched cover and end cap. Transparent kit and milk white kit are available.

Product introduction:
  • The arched LED channel kit including LED an aluminum profile, an arched cover and 2 end caps.

  • Aluminum profile dimension: 18mm*10mm.

  • Thick LED channel kits protect LED strips and help heat dissipation with effect.

  • 12mm wide rigid strip lights cna be installed.

  • Transparent kits have higher transmittance and higher brightness.

  • Milk white kits can reflect the light diffusely, and make it more even and not dazzling.

  • The length can be customized.

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