MLDR® is a LED lights manufacturer in China, supplying rigid LED strip lights,

flexible LED strip lights, LED rope lights, LED grow lights, and other LED lamps

and accessories. Product customization (OEM/ ODM) is availalbe.

  AP2513FK | LED Strip Aluminum Housing

AP2513FK | LED Strip Aluminum Housing

LED Strip Aluminum Housing, anodized aluminum profile, milky diffuer cover, metal/ plastic mounting brackets

Key features:
  • Aluminum housing for LED strip mounting.

  • Milky plastic led diffuser cover evenly distribute and soften the light.

  • Anodized aluminum extrusion profile with excellent rigidity and heat sink.

  • Metal/ plastic mounting brackets, firm and strong.

  • Applicable to the LED strip with width equal to or less than 12 mm.

  • Semi flush mounting design.

  • Length customizable.

  • Aluminum housing/ LED strip/ diffuser cover/ mounting/ supplier/ China/ MLDR®

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Product Details:
  • Item type: aluminum housing

  • Cover: plastic LED diffuser

  • Profile: anodized aluminum extrusion

  • Mounting: semi flush mounting

  • Length: make to order

  • Width: 24.7mm

  • Inner width: 12.4mm

  • Height: 7mm

Product Description:

AP2513FK is a semi flush mounting aluminum housing for LED strip lights. Its milky diffuser cover can evenly distribute the light and effectively reduce the dazzling. With the inner width of 12.4mm, AP2513FK is applicable to rigid led strips and flexible led strips,  improving their lighting effect and heat sink. 

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