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RGB vs RGBW LED Strip, Which One Should You Choose?


In this article, we'll compare the RGB vs RGBW LED strip to see what's the difference and which one should you choose for your project. The RGB LED is composed of 3 light-emitting chips red, green, and blue, which we call 3 in 1 LED. The RGBW LED, a kind of RGB+CCT LED, is based on RGB and adds a white light chip to form a four-color LED i.e. 4 in 1 LED. You can see the difference visually in the picture below.
rgb vs rgbw led strip

Both RGB and RGBW can achieve different colors and dynamic effects by independently controlling the chips. In the white light performance, the RGBW LED strip is purer and brighter than the RGB LED strip, for the adding of the white light chip. And the additional chip also adds to the material and processing cost. That's why the RGBW LED strip is much more expensive than the RGB LED strip.

In addition to the controller, their accessories are universal, including power supply, amplifier, etc. This is because the RGB LED strip is 4 pins input, while the RGBW LED strip is 5.
rgb controller vs rgbw controller

As we said at the beginning, RGBW LED strip is a kind of RGB+CCT LED strips. Different models can be derived according to the extra chip's color, such as RGBW (RGB + white), RGBWW (RGB + warm white), and RGBCW (RGB + cool white). You can choose different specs according to different requirements or preferences.

So, in summary, if you have a high requirement for the white light performance and adequate budget, the RGBW LED strip will be a perfect choice for your projects. In contrast, if you are looking for a LED strip with color change and dynamic effects, the RGB LED strip can meet your needs.

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