C1027SL | LED Strip 2 Pin Solderless Connector

C1027SL | LED Strip 2 Pin Solderless Connector

2 pin quick connector, solderless connect clip, for single-color LED strip lights

Key features:

  • LED strip clip connector.

  • Quick connector: connect LED strips without soldering.

  • Multiple specs for 8mm/ 10mm wide LED strip lights.

  • Linear type: 2 ports, connect 2 LED strips together straightly.

  • L type: 2 ports, 90-degrees L-shaped corner connector.

  • T type: 3 ports, T-shaped joner.

  • Cross type: 4 ports, cross-shaped connector.

  • LED strip connector/ solerless/ quick/ clip/ 2 pin/ manufacturer/ China/ MLDR®

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Product Details:

  • Item type: solerless connector

  • Dimensions: 15*14*5mm

  • Inner width: 8mm/ 10mm

  • Material: PVC

  • Pin number: 2 pin

  • Suitable products: 2-pin LED light strips

Product Dimensions:

C1027SL is a kind of clip connector for LED strip lights including linear type, L type, T type, and cross type. The quick connector can help you connect LED strips without soldering, which is more convinient and environmental.