LED grow light is an artificial light source designed to stimulate plant growth by providing appropriate light spectrum. Application include horticulture, indoor gardening, plant propagation and food production.
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H81923 | UFO LED Grow Light 400WH81923 | UFO LED Grow Light 400W

H81923 | UFO LED Grow Light 400W

UFO LED grow light, 192 LED, 400-420w, red and blue spectrum, built-in cooling fans

Key features:

  • Excellent Taiwan brand LEDs are selected as the light source.

  • The cooling device, marble fans have low resistance and long lifespan.

  • High quality aluminum substrates further improve the effect of heat dissipation.

  • Power source is wide voltage and high PF isolated power supply, increasing the stability of LED grow lights.

  • The switch adopts waterproof and moisture-proof design to improve safety performance.

  • Wholesale, customized, ODM and OEM are available.

Product Details:

  • Item type: LED grow light

  • Input voltage: AC 85-265V 

  • PAR: 460 μmol/1m, 288 μmol/1.5m

  • Brand: MLDR or Customize

  • LED quantity: 192 LEDs

  • Working lifetime: 50,000 hours

Product Dimensions:

  • Length: 660mm

  • Width: 427mm

  • Height: 60mm

Product No.
LED quantity
192 Working environment
-20-40℃, 45%-95%RH
Input voltage
AC 85-265V Ratio Red(660nm): Blue(460nm)=3: 1
Net weight 11.3kg
output voltage DC 35-45V Luminous flux 4400lm Gross weight
output current 670mA Illuminancy 10000lux/1m, 4800lux/1.5m Product dimension 660*427*60mm
Theoretical power 576W Irradiated area 4.7m2/1m, 9.4m2/1.5m Packing size 720*540*120mm
Actual power 400-420W PAR
460μmol/1m, 288μmol/1.5m Packing list

LED lighting×1, power line×1, light hanger×1

Working frequency 50-60Hz Lifespan
50,000 hours

The products in the form are the conventional products in stock. We can also product LED strips of other sizes, colors and IP rates according to clients’ requirements.