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What is COB LED Strip?


Recently, with the increasing demand for a shadow-free linear light source, we can find out that there is more and more COB LED strips have been launched in the lighting market. In this article, we will introduce what is COB LED strip and what is the difference between COB LED strip and SMD LED strip.

cob led strip

1. What is COB?

To understand the COB LED strip, we need to figure out what COB is. COB is short for Chip On Board. Just as its name implies, chip on board (COB) is the method of manufacturing that chips (diodes) are wired and bonded directly to a PCB (print circuit board). And the COB LED strip is using the “flip chip on board technology, in which the chips are inverted.

2. COB vs. SMD LED

SMD LEDs are made of diodes after packaging, its main models have 2835, 5630, 5050, etc. To understand its structure, you can read this article The Structure of SMD LED. As a result of good performance and easy to process, SMD LEDs have always been the mainstream light source of LED lights, including spotlights, down lights, LED tape lights, and so on. For the COB LED, by the elimination of the packaging of individual light-emitting diodes, the finished product can be more compact and lighter. In addition to the COB LED light strip, COB LED technology is used in high bay lights, LED grow lights, and other high power lighting fixtures.

3. The difference between COB LED strip and SMD LED strip

You can intuitively see the difference between the two from the following picture. The COB LED strip emitting a continuous and even light, while, for SMD LED strip, there’s still a little gap between the light-emitting devices. Moreover, because the fluorescent resin is directly mounted on the PCB, the COB LED tape’s beam angle is 180 degrees, which is 60 degrees higher than that of the SMD LED. However, due to the COB LED tape light on the machine precision requirements are higher, and the processes are more complicated, it’s more expensive than the SMD LED tape lights.
cob led vs smd led

MLDR® (Shenzhen Mailederun Technology Co., Ltd.) has launched a series of COB LED light strips, including 12V and 24V DC, and all colors.

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