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What is Dual Color LED Strip?


Dual-color LED strip, as the name implies, refers to an LED strip having two colors. Regularly, the light strip has 2 independent control circuits, which allow you to switch colors and adjust brightness according to your will. For example, the R2835-SSW120 Dual White LED Strip is made of warm white (3000K) and white (6500K) SMD LEDs and the two-color temperatures can combine into natural white (4000K). That makes both residential lighting and commercial lighting more flexible and user-friendly.
what is dual color led strip

1. How to achieve dual-color temperatures

To obtain two-color temperatures, there are two solutions. One is mounting 2 kinds of different colors of LEDs on one LED tape as the example of R2835-SSW120 Dual White LED Strip mentioned in the first paragraph. Another one is using 2-in-1 dual-color SMD LEDs. From the following picture of the 2-in-1 SMD 5050 double-CCT LED, we can see that the LED come in two colors, half is white and the other half is warm white.

2. The difference with the RGB LED strips

The RGB LED is composed of 3 diodes red, green, and blue, which can achieve a variety of colors combined in various proportions. So, on the diversity of colors, the RGB LED strips have advantageous. But the double colors LED tapes have their advantages such as purer colors, higher brightness, simpler design, and so on.

3. How to control dual-color LED strips

Like the other color-changing LED lights, a controller is needed to adjusting the two-color LED strips. The good news is the controller is simpler than that of RGB LED strips and RGBW LED strips. Compare to the RGB LED controller and RGBW LED controller, the dual white LED strip controller has fewer buttons and a smaller body. Since the dual white LED strip has only two circuits, you can just simply install two switchers in your room to control it without any additional controller.

In conclusion, dual-color LED strips are improved from single color LED strips, giving the user more CCT options especially for some special applications including but not limited make-up mirrors, bedroom decoration, adjustable-CCT linear lights, and advertising lighting.

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