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What is IP Rating for LED Lights?


International protection rating, aka IP rating and IP code, is a standard for dust and water resistance. In the grading standard, IPxx is the symbol of protection level, in which xx is a two-digit number, the first position indicates the rating of protection against solids, and the second position indicates the rating of protection against liquids. The solid protection grade has 7 grades, which are represented by 0-6 respectively; the liquid protection grade has 9 grades, which are represented by 0-8 respectively. Hereinafter is the meaning of the IP ratings for LED lights.

The level of dustproof (the meaning of the first digit).

0: No special protection.

1: Prevent large solids greater than 50mm.

2: Prevent medium-sized solids greater than 12.5mm.

3: Prevent small solids greater than 2.5mm.

4: Prevent solids greater than 1mm.

5: Prevent dust accumulation.

6: Completely dust-protected.

The level of waterproof (the meaning of the second digit).

0: No special protection.

1: Prevent vertically falling water droplets.

2: Prevent vertically falling drops of water into a 15 degree sloped shell.

3: Prevent drops of water spray from an angle of 60 degrees.

4: Prevent drops of water in all direction.

5: Prevent jets of water.

6: Prevent powerful water jets and waves.

7: Can be immersed in water for less than 30 minutes at a depth of less than one meter.

8: Can be immersed in water for a long time under a certain pressure.

For the LED lighting industry, the regular IP ratings are IP20, IP65, IP67, and IP68. Take LED strips for example.
what is ip rating for led lights

IP20: The LED light strip is not treated with any waterproofing and can only be used indoors or sealed environments.

IP65: The surface of the LED strip is covered with a layer of silicone glue to protect the electronic components from dust and rain.

IP67: The LED strip is covered with a silicone tube. It can be used outdoors, and underwater for a short period.

IP68: IP68 waterproof LED strip can be used underwater for a long time.

At this point, someone might ask which is better, IP20, IP65, IP67, or IP68. Should we use the highest grade IP68? To be honest, the higher the level of protection, the higher the processing cost, the higher the price of the product. The IP rating should be chosen according to the service environments. IP20 is the most suitable and economical for indoors. IP65 and IP67 can meet most outdoor environments. And if you are looking for LED lights for pools or underwater environments, the IP68 is here.

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